Working with Dissociation with EMDR

“The wound is where the light enters.” –Rumi

Focus on in-depth study and theoretical applications for the EMDR treatment of dissociative disorders spanning from depersonalization/derealization disorder to DID. It is recommended that consultee has at least one year post Basic Training in EMDR. Format is around 40 minutes of didactic teaching followed by case discussion. Group is limited to 8 members.

New series in 2020-2021 available. In this 10 hour virtual study group we will analyze and review:
  • Integration and adaptation of EMDR practices
  • The Theory of Structural Dissociation
  • Assessment, Screening & Diagnosis
  • Case Formulation & Treatment Planning
  • Phased Oriented Treatment
    • Working with Parts
    • Dealing with Resistance
    • The therapist’s role – Client Dependence/ Therapist Responsibility
    • Working with Child Parts
    • Working with Hostile Parts
    • Working with Perpetrator Parts
    • Working with Self-Harming, Unsafe or Self-Limiting behaviors
    • Treatment of Traumatic Memory
    • Assimilation/Integration

Fall 2023 Group is full

Available for individual consultation or private group consultation with agencies or private practice settings.

Commitment to and payment for the entire series is required. Payment due at the time of the group regardless of attendance. Please email for inquiries about consultation on working with Dissociation with EMDR. This group does not fulfill the requirements towards EMDRIA Certification designation. Please see "Certification".

  • individual hourly rate $130.
  • 10 group hours - $500
  • Groups may be paid in full or with %50 in advance +  %50 by the final meeting