Certification – Individual Consultation

“The clinicians are those who directly help to alleviate the world’s suffering. The alleviation of that suffering is the duty of our profession.” -Francine Shapiro

For Clinicians who have completed EMDR Basic Training. Consultation towards the completion of requirements to become an EMDRIAApproved Certified Therapist. Focus on the development of mastery of EMDR Therapy procedures, and protocols and principles across the eight phases and three prongs as well as on the an understanding of when and how to modify the standard protocol in the face of complex presentations. One-on-one tailored instruction and in-depth practice analysis centered on increasing sophistication and dexterity in effectively addressing a myriad of clinical challenges. Individual consultation.

Interventions for in-depth, specialized EMDR therapy for work with dissociative disorders will not be covered in this group series. See: Advanced Concepts in EMDR Group or Advanced Concepts Individual Consultation for more extensive focus on working with dissociative disorders.

To inquire and schedule, please contact: ckennlcsw@gmail.com
Here are new Consultation Packages to combine group and individual hours affordably and flexibly.
  • 10 group hrs. ($500)
  • 10 group hrs + 5 individual hrs ($1100)
  • 10 group hrs + 10 individual hours ($1350) 
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