EMDR Therapy Basic Training

Inspired EMDR’s EMDR Therapy Basic Training is a comprehensive course that will allow you to become familiarized with the necessary skills, procedures and principles of EMDR Therapy in order to allow you to confidently and successfully begin applying it in your practice. EMDR Therapy is a standardized treatment that is used world-wide. It is an evidence-based psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD and trauma-related problems, including but not limited to wide range of mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, persistent grief, addictions and compulsions, somatic responses related to illness and injury, and relationship difficulties.

The training is based on the foundational teachings of the originator of EMDR therapy, Francine Shapiro, PhD. Participants will understand and practice core EMDR Therapy skills and procedures and will have the ability to expand these skills for use with a wide range of clinical presentations and situations. Upon fulfillment of the course requirements, Inspired EMDR and the EMDR International Association will provide a certificate documenting that the training participant has completed Basic Training in EMDR. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilities. The trainer is responsible for ensuring that facilities and reasonable accommodations are accessible to those with disabilities.

  • Gain knowledge about the foundational principles of EMDR as a complete psychotherapy approach
  • Apply the Adaptive Information Processing Model of EMDR Therapy as a basis for treating a wide range of clinical issues and situations.
  • Learn how to identify clients suitable for EMDR and help them develop client readiness for EMDR trauma processing.
  • Understand and apply EMDR to resolve disturbing, unprocessed life-experiences, treat trauma-related disorders and their related symptom presentations across the 8-phases and 3-prongs of EMDR therapy.
  • Learn and apply strength-focused resource interventions to provide skills and develop resources to help stabilize and prepare client for reprocessing.
  • Apply EMDR therapy in a variety of presentations, including working with couples, children and clients presenting with addictions, phobias, somatic conditions, traumatic grief and for first responders or those exposed to combat trauma
  • Identify and apply adaptations, through an anti-racist focus, in order to address culturally informed trauma and adversity.
  • As a new EMDR clinician, receive individualized support to effectively weave EMDR into one’s clinical practice with other contemporary treatment paradigms including: psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and other systemic approaches while comfortably integrating EMDR into ongoing work.

2023 IN PERSON – Willimantic, CT

May 15-16 (Mon-Tue)

June 14-15 (Wed-Thu)

Jul 13-14 (Thu-Fri)

Aug 16-17 (Wed-Thu)

* If your agency or group practice would like to host an in-person training on or around any of the dates below, please contact Cheryl ckennlcsw@gmail.com

2023 In-Person or Virtual (TBD)

Sep 8-9 (Fri-Sat)

Oct 6-7 (Fri-Sat)

Nov 3-4 (Fri-Sat)

Dec 1-2 (Fri-Sat)

2024 In Person or Virtual (TBD)

Jan 5-6 (Fri-Sat)

Feb 2-3 (Fri-Sat)

Mar 1-2 (Fri-Sat)

Apr 5-6 (Fri-Sat)

2024 In-Person or Virtual (TBD)

Apr 19-20 (Fri-Sat)

May 17-18 (Fri-Sat)

Jun 14-15 (Fri-Sat)

July 12-13  (Fri-Sat)

2024 In-Person or Virtual (TBD)

Sep 6-7 (Fri-Sat)

Oct 4-5 (Fri-Sat)

Nov 1-2 (Fri-Sat)

Dec 6-7 (Fri-Sat)

This EMDR Basic Training Course takes place over a total of eight days, and is comprised of four parts, consisting of two consecutive days, each part occurring one month apart, The 51.5 hour training includes 20 hrs. of didactic instruction, 21.5 hrs. of small-group supervised practice, occurring on each training day, and 10 hours of case consultation embedded in the course. This course is offered either in-person or virtual formats. The program exceeds the EMDRIA (EMDR International Association) approved standards. The teacher-participant ratio is 1 to 9/10. Unlike many EMDR Basic Trainings, this course embeds the required 10 hours of small group consultation at no additional cost.


Completion of the 8 day training, comprised of lecture and practice

Reading the textbook EMDR: Basic Principles, Protocols and Procedures (Shapiro 2017) and other articles and readings

10 hours of case consultation (included)

Eligibility: This training is for mental health professionals licensed for independent practice by a state or national board. Interns/Graduate Students may also attend this training with confirmation by a supervisor.

Additional dates will be added if any training dates are cancelled for any reason

Attendance is mandatory at all sessions.  Partial credits will not be given.

Rate: $1500 paid in full or $1530 paid in 3 automatic monthly installments by credit card.

Contact: Cheryl Kenn, LCSW ckennlcsw@gmail.com  for more information and to register.

Inquires? Please email Cheryl.