The EMDR Intensive

“The core issue in traumatization is that survivors have been unable to realize fully what has happened to them and how it affects their lives and who they are. In other words, the inability to realize involves many ways of not knowing massive psychic trauma”― Onno van der Hart

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The Therapy Intensive is an opportunity to dedicate a discrete period of time to concentrate on improving problematic areas that interfere with achieving fulfillment and satisfaction in life. By engaging in powerful and effective treatment, symptoms connected to wounds from trauma or loss can be alleviated.


The EMDR Intensive is combined with other therapy modalities such as ego state work, mindfulness and body-based approaches such as Deep Brain Reorienting, The sessions take place over longer segments of time, either on consecutive days or across several days per week. Deeper and productive healing occurs as a result of working through the persistent issues that limit optimal functioning. Intensive Therapy's emphasis on a goal-oriented focus facilitates the resolution of the core issues that stand in the way of experiencing a full sense of wholeness and total well-being. Based on the available research, it is believed that during EMDR reprocessing, our paying dual attention to both the traumatic memory and to alternating bilateral stimulation (BLS) promotes an innate “investigatory response” in the brain that creates neurophysiological changes that are adaptive. 

The client engages in an assessment, which involves a review of current difficulties, past history, prior treatment and of future goals. Feedback will be shared about clinical impressions. If a client meets criteria for the Therapy Intensive, a treatment plan will be created, uniquely tailored to specific goals and needs. The Therapy Intensive is not equivalent to an extended day-treatment program nor to an intensive outpatient program, in which higher levels of care are necessary to ensure the safety of the client. The Therapy Intensive is designed for individuals who meet readiness criteria for outpatient psychotherapy.

Treatment length and approach varies depending upon how much time is needed to help with applying coping and grounding skills. When the client is ready to begin working on trauma and/or loss memories, the treatment will incorporate EMDR Therapy as well as other approaches as needed, including effective approaches encompassing concepts from attachment theory, ego state therapy, relational neurobiology and the body-based psychotherapy. In order to help maintain the progress made in the trauma reprocessing sessions, clients will develop and practice skills to better face future anticipated challenges. Intensive EMDR treatment is practical and research shows evidence of improvement in PTSD symptoms in a compressed frame. Check-in sessions will follow the end of treatment.

Personal Growth

Grief and Loss

Anxiety and Panic


Shame & Fear

Relationship Issues

Attachment Trauma

Family of Origin Issues

Peak Performance

Life Transitions

"The Therapy Intensive enabled me to work through and process my trauma in a much more expeditious manner.  With the support and expertise from Cheryl I was afforded the opportunity to reprocess the disturbances without having to shut down my emotions and thoughts and carry these disturbances until our next session." 

"The Therapy Intensive was a true game changer for me. Intensive EMDR Therapy afforded me the opportunity to fully reprocess my disturbances to a restorative state in a much shorter period of time compared to the more traditional 45-50 minute sessions. With Cheryl's guidance, during these extended sessions I was truly able to experience a significant reduction in the symptoms and negative thoughts that have become conditioned responses to my past.  I walked out of the sessions feeling lighter, calmer and more hopeful."

"In a very unique and efficient way, Intensive EMDR therapy allowed me to be able to process my childhood trauma. I was able to understand my adult experiences in relation to my childhood experiences thanks to Cheryl's guidance and support. As a result of this highly specialized treatment, my entire outlook on life has shifted. As a survivor of sexual assault, I would strongly advise anyone who has experienced significant trauma to seek EMDR therapy to address deeply ingrained behaviors that may have shaped who we are as adults."

The Therapy Intensive is a fee-for-service therapy not covered by insurance. Fees are set for full days or partial days. Time arrangements can be customized to meet the needs of the client's schedule. Meetings can be done in person or through tele-health. If using Telehealth, only partial-day sessions are available. In person sessions take place in the New Haven, CT office. Please call (203) 675-3440 to make an appointment.