Certification – Group Consultation

“Our clients place their lives and their psyches (from the Greek word for “soul”) in our care. Only our highest integrity, our most educated level of skill and our most profound compassion should answer their need.” – Dr. Francine Shapiro

This group is for clinicians who have completed the 10 hours of the EMDRIA Basic Training requirement.  Consultation towards the completion of part of the requirement for the 20 hours of EMDRIA Certified Therapist in EMDR designation [at least 10 individual + 10 group for a total of 20 total hours]. Focus is on the development of mastery of EMDR Therapy procedures, and protocols and principles across the eight phases and three prongs. Group instruction and individual case analysis is centered on increasing sophistication and dexterity in addressing a myriad of complex clinical challenges and presentations. Clinicians will be evaluated on competence in the Standard Protocol according to the requirements of EMDRIA Certification. Interventions for in-depth, specialized EMDR therapy for work with dissociative disorders will not be covered in this group series. See: Advanced Concepts in EMDR Group or Advanced Concepts Individual Consultation for more extensive focus on working with dissociative disorders. Certification in EMDR:
  • EMDRIA requires 20 hours of consultation.
  • A maximum of 10 group consultation hours can be earned in a group setting.
  • Groups are limited to 8 members.
  • Individual hours may be acquired within groups. Please see p.2 of the EMDRIA Consultation Packet.

  • BIPOC Certification Group - Fri 9-11:30 ET (10 hours): Apr 21, May 19, May 26, Jun 16, Jul 21
  • Fri Certification Group 3:30-6:00 ET (10 hours):  Apr 28, May 26, Jun 23, Jul 21

Registration requires that commitment and payment is made for all meetings in the entire series (even if missing sessions). Payment is requested to be made at each meeting or in full by the first session. Switching to other groups to make up time for absences is not an option.