Dolores Mosquera – Working with Parts in Dissociative Disorders in EMDR: A Practical Guide for Therapists

DOLORES MOSQUERA. Working with Parts in Dissociative Disorders: A Practical Guide for EMDR Therapists

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Many therapists report problems in working with patients with dissociative disorders, especially regarding developing the treatment plan, structuring the sessions, or managing the patient’s internal conflict, as well as working with those parts that are most challenging. When parts are stuck in trauma, it is easy to encounter a wide range of difficulties in therapy. Some of the main problems are related to the internal conflict presented by these patients, who show difficulties in regulatory capacities, distrust, and hostility. Working with dissociative disorders requires approaching the difficulties of this clinical population, as well as developing skills to adapt the procedures and techniques. This workshop will describe useful concepts to help therapists understand patients with dissociative disorders and organize the work plan. In addition, a variety of techniques and tools for the different steps of the work will be illustrated, allowing for safe interventions with various types of clinical problems and dissociative parts.

Dolores Mosquera is a psychologist and psychotherapist, specializing in complex trauma and dissociative disorders. She has been trained in several psychotherapeutic approaches and is an accredited EMDR Europe trainer and supervisor. Dolores is the director of the Institute for the Study of Trauma and Personality Disorders (INTRA-TP), a private institution where she has worked for years.

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